30 weeks

Well folks, I am 30 weeks pregnant, and I thought it would be fun to share a few thoughts while in the midsts of this growing bump.

I am enjoying the process of growing a human, and one of my top priorities at the moment is to stay positive. No one likes a negative momma, especially the growing human on the inside. If they can tell when I last ate carrots (which is probably 6 months ago), they will surely know when I am stressed.

I am been rather passionate about having a clean home. Dirt bothers me when I am not nesting, but recently I took matters into my own hands.  I snapped, got down on my hands and knees and took a toothbrush to the stained grout in our kitchen. 9PM on a Saturday and that is where you could find me, scrubbing away and overheating. I go into these manic phases. Paul knows now not to stand in the way of manic mama. I scrubbed the kitchen down completely only after scrubbing the bathrooms from top to bottom.  The trick is that we have to get them to stay this way until baby comes home. Highly unlikely. So, I assume in 3 weeks, I’ll be spending another Saturday evening with my beloved Soft Scrub and toothbrush.

I am pretty proud of holding off on buying things for the baby. We are not in a position to be spending money. After I took my pregnancy test, I bought some clearance items from Baby GAP.  Then I went to a second hand store around 11 weeks pregnant and purchased a diaper bag and few used onesies. Since that time, I have held steady and resisted the urge to purchase much of anything. I hear newborns like milk and sleep. These are my top priorities at the moment. All the milk pump accessories you can think of, a crib, and a Sleep Sack. Hopefully I am correct. I’m pretty much making things up as a go and convincing myself.

Baby Pregnancy 30 weeks
Baby Anderson, 30 weeks!

Other things you may find entertaining:

I grunt a lot.

I use the stairs to put on my boots.

I busted my coat open trying to bend over – basically Chris Farley’s fat guy in a little coat scenario – embarrassing.

I sleep with a Snoogle (thanks Anna!), but always wake up flat on my back and cannot quite figure out how or why this happens. I also cannot catch my breath when I get into bed at night. It takes me about 2 minutes to get situated, and another 2 minutes to get my huffing and puffing under control – you would think I just did a 500m dash.

I have a bloody nose everyday. I’m freakishly thirsty, but don’t pee much.

I like candy, well I have always liked candy, now I just give myself a bit more freedom to eat it. Baby likes junk food, or maybe it’s me, but Cheetos are always appreciated despite pregnancy. Mmm Cheetos. I found a lone Cheeto in my scarf at the end of the day recently. Embarrassing.

I have a few last minute travel adventures planned to take advantaged of these last two months of freedom.

Baby Anderson clearly has a head and a butt, which are slowly trying to bust open my prior midline scar. My “bellybutton” is now gone. My abs have split open which apparently happens sometimes. Weird.

I try to cook healthy and be a good Pinterest mom, but I end up making spaghetti over and over disguised in different style serving dishes to look like some other type of cuisine. It’s all spaghetti, I’m not fooling anyone.

I’m not certain there is room for 10 more weeks of baby. Apparently this thing is only 2.5-3 lbs? meaning, it really has to pack on the pounds and grow over the next 10 weeks.  Here’s to going into labor naturally at 38 weeks!

I got Rho-gam shot at my last OB appointment and laughed hysterically, because they inject it in your butt. What? I know, apparently that still happens, it’s not just for the movies.


Here’s to 30 weeks of baby brewing.

Maybe I should think about birth… Nahh, suppress, suppress!


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