A few good reads

Well, I thought I would take time to reflect on a few good books that I’ve read recently, and follow in my Brother-in-law’s foot steps.  The majority of the reading I have been doing has been focused on overall health and wellness, but I love to dabble in a good self help and motivational book.  Here are a few of my favorite motivational books…

One of my all time favorite authors is Laura Vanderkam, she’s a time management goddess. I would highly recommend subscribing to her blog and keep updated with her on Twitter – she’s wonderful.  I have read all of her books and they all have an excellent perspective on how to manage time and not be so darn hard on yourself!

168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think

I absolutely love the book 168 hours. Vanderkam walks you through the mosaic of your week and finds hidden hours of time that we don’t know we’re missing. We work less and sleep more than we tell ourselves. You can start to feel good about the time you have and not always feel terrible time is passing you by!

One of my all time favorite books, which I have read two times to stay refreshed and motivated is the book, I Know How She Does It: How Successful Women Make the Most of Their Time

This book has so many wonderful tips. It’s one of the reasons I started listening to audio books, and also helped me reduce the self inflicted mom guilt. I have learned to be completely present with my son during his hour of time, and focused at work during my hour of time. Your week is a mosaic of hours, and Laura teaches you how to best utilize it! I highly recommend this book for all working or busy moms!

Another great read is 10% Happier: How I Tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge, and Found Self-Help That Actually Works–A True Story.

This book outlines the process of going from living a crazy unsustainable lifestyle, and moving towards one focused on wellness and a life that incorporates mindfulness and meditation. I highly recommend the audiobook, because it’s read by the author. I LOVE audiobooks that are red by the author…. which brings me to my next book….


I randomly found this audiobook while searching through my local library. I don’t know much about Drew Barrymore, just that I adore her movies and she seems like a fun super star.  I was so surprised how much I fell into this book. She is so interesting and has been through so much in her life that it really makes you appreciate all that she endured on her path to hollywood. Barrymore also includes wonderful stories about personal growth and life aspirations. The book made me become a bit more carefree and adventurous, while appreciating the life I was given. It’s an interesting read, and I highly recommend the audio book because she does a wonderful job narrating.

What have you been reading lately?!  Have you read any of these titles?! I would love to hear your take!

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