Thank you for joining me on my quest for simplicity.  My name is Alyce. I write about my life to provide you with entertainment, excitement, and a fresh outlook on simplicity. I strive to do it all, but often fail to find the perfect balance. I hope I can provide you with laughter and real-life advice on how to get to the bare essentials of living. Together we can hope and strive for a simple, calm and fulfilling life.

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Under One Roof

Happy Birthday Joel

Quite simply I am a Wisconsin Cheesehead living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  I am an MD/PhD student at the University of Pittsburgh, completing an 8 year research intensive program that will one day result in a real job.  I am a short wife to a tall husband, and a mom to two fabulous boys.  My husband is a Wisconsinite and an Anesthesiologist who recently finished training. Together we juggle two intense careers, as a team – as well as a crazy Lakeland Terrier, Dale.  My brother Joel is my inspiration for the simplification of life. Joel is my angel and grounding force.

I’m so happy you stopped by, thank you for getting to know me.



Alyce & Dale