Adventures in Philly!

Family outings in a chilly Philly!

In April we spent a lot of time organizing, rearranging and trying to get settled in the house.  We found out quickly that we needed a few more items of furniture to fill the new space. In our old home we didn’t have a kitchen table or some of the standard items to furnish a house – so it was time to do a little shopping.

I also had the fortunate opportunity to attend a two day intensive conference on propensity score matching – a statistical technique I’m using in some of my thesis work. I was really excited for this opportunity. It required a road trip to Philadelphia, so Paul and the little guy decided to come along for some adventure time.  While I was in class they toured the city and all of the historical sites.  I would occasionally get pictures from the different landmarks – and my favorite was the picture of my little guy passed out in front of the Liberty Bell – apparently he’s not much for history.

Independence Hall

After class we met for walks and went out for dinner down the road from our hotel. We bought the obligatory Philly Cheesesteaks and enjoyed the city.

Dinner at a nice restaurant with a tired little man saved by fruit snacks!

On the way home we stopped by the outlets in Lancaster – which was wild. They have a Pottery Barn furniture outlet – and were running a 40% off your entire purchase sale, which is rare! 40% off outlet prices, now that is something to be excited about.  It was a deal (many deals) meant to be – so we went over the top and rented a U-Haul truck to bring all of our goodies back to Pittsburgh. Hahah!

Our little guy was so extremely patient with us as we made the round through the furniture store, sat on every couch, and debated between kitchen tables. After the day was done we canceled our original kitchen table purchase from West Elm, and filled both the U-Haul and the Pilot with outlet furniture.  We even took a few rugs and items home from another couple who was heading back to Shadyside in Pittsburgh  – what are the odds?!

All packed up and ready to go!

We made the drive back to Pittsburgh and and unloaded all of the furniture into the house with the late night help of Taylor and Katie. It was a spontaneous adventure which resulted in a lot of fun and plenty of furniture!

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