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Gap Hoodie
Baby Gap Fleece Hoodie

Having a child on a dime is a little bit of a difficult challenge.  Paul and I are trying to meet this challenge head on by cautiously pinching our pennies. First, you need a supportive family. Second, you need to try to avoid stores and internet shopping. Third, if you have to shop – LOOK for DEALS.  This past weekend I found some amazing deals for clothes that were starting to go out of season. Now that we know that we’re having a boy, I can shop for some tough little boy clothes.  It’s a priority that my little guy is dressed like a man up at Deer Camp!

Gap Deals
I get my good looks from my Daddy…
Baby GAP Coat
GAP Puffer Coat, I wish they sold this in adult sizes!

Fortunately, I was able to score some great deals on the clearance rack at the GAP of all places.  I looked for items that were already priced pretty low on the Gap Kids clearance rack.  Randomly, I was in the store on a day where clearance and sale items were an additional 30% off! Um, yes.  I also took a onesie that was labeled “defective, final sale” due to a coffee stain.  The stain took me about 1 minute to remove with Dawn, and I saved $15. Perfection.

Here are my “Ohh we’re having a boy splurges!” A few items I found for a a ridiculously good price:

  1. Jean Boots – GAP expensive                       My PRICE: $2.78
  2. Dad Outfit – Original Price: $19.95            My PRICE: $5.43
  3. Flannel Shirt – Original Price: $29.95         My PRICE: $9.08
  4. Puffer Coat – Original Price: $44.95           My PRICE: $16.78
  5. Cargo Pants – Original Price: $29.95         My PRICE: $5.58
  6. GAP Hoodie – Original Price: $29.95        My PRICE: $6.28
GAP Baby Flannel
Insulated flannel jacket and the tiniest of cargo pants!

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