This morning I hustled to work. I woke up before my baby, showered before he started to stir and then roosted him from his bed for a quick morning feed. He had only moments of mom time before it was into the carseat and off to school.  I was able to get there early in order to reach a meeting this morning. I was surprisingly on time.

Then, I arrived at the parking lot only to see that it was completely full at 6:45AM. Who are these people? I drove down to a lot far away and realized then that I would miss my meeting. I couldn’t walk back up to school fast enough, especially in the rain.  I had to let go.

I stopped at a coffee shop on the way to work and sat down and began the day’s duties. I wrote an abstract, finalized my schedule for the next few weeks and began reading the literature. I started listing all of the things I had to do and decided to frantically google the best “to-do-list” application that could sync across all devices (my iPhone, macbook, and iMac) so I would never be away from my growing to-do list.

Then, like a sign from above, I came across this video.

What a perfect reminder. This is what my blog is all about – and really, my true mission in life. I love my work and my career, but at the end of the day, when we retire or stop working for any reason, we rely on family, friends and beautiful memories. I have already forgotten most of the study material from my boards – but I will never forget the feeling of brining home my beautiful son.

It’s time to start being. Simplify your life and #Letgo

Another quick bit of inspiration:

Until next time, enjoy some of life’s finer moments!

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