Christmas as a trio in Pittsburgh

Family Christmas Photo (2016)

This year was Drew’s second Xmas! How quickly time flies. Paul had to work over a majority of the holidays, so we were able to spend Christmas together in Pittsburgh.  We had a relatively low key celebration this year, but we put up the tree, decorated the house and made a few nice dinners. Little did we know it would be our last family Christmas in our first home (more on that later)…

Family night at Kennywood!

Paul found out somehow that it was light up night at Kennywood Park, so we packed up and went out for a family evening. We snuggled the little guy in his stroller and put on our winter coats to see the lights. It was a cute little evening, and you cannot beat free!

The next few days Drew and I played indoors with his trains and animals he got for Xmas. I love a little low key family time, even if it did take me about six months to get it down in print 🙂

How to sneak in a workout with an active boy! Baby carry!

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