Cousinly love

My cousin and mom had been planning this trip for almost a year… They loaded up the car and drove straight through to come visit us in Pittsburgh. I was also super excited that my cousin’s youngest – Ed could join us too!

Trying out the local coffee shops!

We did a lot of cooking at home, making salmon and a bunch of meat that my mom brought to Pittsburgh from Wisconsin. It was delightful. I always love a speedy delivery from Maplewood Meats! She also brought out an ample supply of cheese and wine – the essentials really.

It was supposed to be a really warm weekend, so we fired up the kid pool in the backyard and the sprinklers. Although we couldn’t convince Ed to jump into the spraying water, it was a bit too cold. Dale, however, was all for getting in the water and playing with Ed. Dale was jumping at the water hose and trying to consume all the water Ed was spraying his way. They seriously played together for hours – and became best of friends in the process. Dale was found curled up to his new buddy during the night. How quickly I’m replaced! Oh, Dale…

Dale and Ed – best of friends after a day of spraying and drinking hose water!

We had a nice time trying out the different shops, and stopped for morning coffee in downtown Squirrel Hill. I ran to buy a cinnamon swirl loaf from the local bakery, which makes fabulous french toast.  We also went down to the waterfront to do a little shopping and walk along the river. All in all, it was a perfect weekend. I was able to get a little work done, submit my specific aims to start the comprehensive exam process.

Baby boo in the backyard water park!
Baby boo in the backyard water park!

I am so happy that they were able to come out and see the stomping grounds. I promise next time, we will not even attempt the crazy, over crowded splash park – haha, what a nightmare!

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