Delaware Beach!

At the beach in PJs so we don’t wake up the whole place!

Paul and I got a new ride after Paul’s many years of driving around my two door college car. I seriously loved that little car, but it became a bit impractical after our little man arrived. Regardless, we decided to go half way to a family minivan for now and bought a Honda Pilot.  We tried out its road trip capabilities taking it to Canada, but we decided to see how it held up for a 6+ hour trip to Delaware beach with the newly weds! (#newlyweddens)

We cut out a bit early and started the weekend off right by driving late into the night to get to the beach. Drew was a traveling trooper and hung out with Katie and I in the back seat. On our road trip I serendipitously invited an “insanely healthy” fast food option. Paul accidentally ordered the hamburger happy meal instead of chicken nuggets – and I got a cheese sandwich from Jimmy John’s. So we combined the two delicacies to create the “McJimmy”.  I thought it was delightful, with a splash of trashy – so good.  Drew subsequently got the chicken nugget happy meal he desired – haha.

You messing with my sand castle?! Don’t you dare…
Best spot in the house mom!

Later that night we arrived in Delaware beach to crash at Taylor’s parents’ place. We got Drew all snuggled in to his pack and play in the corner. It fit perfectly, and the room even had its own sound machine – score! Drew woke us up early each morning with squeals of delight and excitement when he found us in his room. Paul and I tried to quiet the monster, and it eventually resulted in Paul taking him out for a early morning stroller ride and beach walk while I tried to get some work done, catch up on emails and draft a few things. I am unfortunately not one for falling back asleep after I wake up in the morning, it’s usually a lost cause so I got up to work and enjoy a cup of french press coffee.  Ah the simple joys of vacation.

Playing in the sand with Aunt Katie!

The other morning Drew woke up early we decided to take a walk up and down the streets and stopped at a cute little coffee shop. Most of the stores were closed for the season on the main street because the beach gets pretty quiet when Fall comes around. We Wisconsinites didn’t seem to mind. We set up our beach chairs and let the little guy play in the sand. We had a great time walking the beach and exploring with the little guy.

While we were in Delaware we got a bit to eat at a great seafood and fish place and another wonderful Italian restaurant with Taylor’s parents. They came down to visit us for the day – hopefully to see their place still standing and not completely destroyed by a toddler 🙂 !!  We also did a bit of shopping at the outlets to get Drew some near winter gear including his fancy new coat, and adventured up to the Dogfish Head Brewery! We did a Brewery tour which was awesome and free! Can’t beat that really!

What have you gotten us into now mom…??
Our gracious hosts! Ready for the brewery tour! OHSA approved.

The Delaware adventure weekend of course went by too quickly. Our new Pilot passed the road trip test and it is ready and waiting for the next big adventure. We were so fortunate to share this weekend with friends and family who opened their house to us! Like I said in an earlier post – always wonderful to have many couches to crash on!!

Family – the best.


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