Happy Birthday Joel!

It is that time of year, where February is on its way out, and Spring is rapidly approaching.  This is also the time of year we celebrate my brother’s birthday, to celebrate a life well-lived, but was much too short.  Joel would have been a ripe 29 years old this year on February 27th.

This year was extra special in that we decided to wait to know the gender of our growing companion until Joel’s birthday! This basically means Paul and I would wait an additional 2 months to reveal what was inside the ultrasound card. Hashtag, #willpower. My ultrasound technician at Magee was sweet enough to seal 3 separate envelopes: one for Paul and I in Pittsburgh, one for the Anderson family, one for the Marshs! We then had to all look at our envelopes in agony for the next few weeks!

Sure enough, the time went quickly and it was Joel’s Birthday! February has a way of sneaking away very quickly, doesn’t it.

Paul and I could barely contain ourselves while we were opening the envelope, then… in a short moment, we found out that our new addition is a BOY! How very exciting!

I firmly believe that Joel himself has sent a little rascal to join our family and keep us on our toes! I am now officially out numbered in our household! We cannot wait to meet him!!

Baby Boy Anderson, 31 weeks

After revealing the gender for ourselves, we had the unique opportunity to BOTH go back to Wisconsin for the weekend.  Yes, both Paul and I were actually able to travel together! Granted we were on separate flights, but despite this, we were in the same state, at the same time visiting family, which is a rare occurrence!  We were able to be with our parents while they opened the gender reveal card. Even Paul’s brothers were able to get in on the gender reveal action!

The weekend continued with a baby shower thrown by Lyssa and my mom, as well as another shower for the Anderson side thrown by Pam and Jill!  We are so grateful to our friends and family for all of the love and generous gifts to help us start our family.  I am excited to say that we now have a few diapers, wipes, clothes, and all of the baby essentials – so we don’t have to leave the hospital feeling unprepared! Thank you all for traveling for the showers to celebrate our soon to be new member of the family!

Thank you!

Thank you,


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