Holidays in Wisconsin 

Smiles with G.G. Marsh!

Because my husband is a saint, I was able to sneak back for the holidays! Paul had to work the holidays this year, which is generally what happens in medicine. Surgeries do not necessarily avoid the holiday rush. If anything, I think the unexpected emergencies tend to flock to the holidays as people are traveling, vacationing, and getting creative with their turkey friers!  Regardless, the little guy and I decided to take advantage of the holiday time and run back to Wisconsin to visit family.

Thank you Aunt Lyssa!!

We visited Great Grandma Marsh and Great Grandpa VB, as well as the first generation grand parents. We bundled up and went for a few walks around the Polo Point neighborhood.  Drew was rocking the snazzy PJ’s.  We were able to bum around at Lyssa’s house for a while and Drew got to try out his super cool Christmas present  – a John Deere Buck!  He loved it! A big fan of the blinkers.

We met up for another wild night at Polo Point for New Years, where Lyssa, Drew and I took our “Three Best Friends” picture – haha! It was a nice social gathering with the people from the condo association. My parents neighbor was super excited to join and brought her little smokies for everyone to try!

…and we’re the three best friends!

On the way home we stopped in the United Club where we enjoyed snacks, yogurt, sausage and melon. Drew looks way too comfortable in the United Club. He is slowly creeping up on being 2 years old, so this luxury isn’t going to last much longer once we have to start paying for his tickets! Regardless, enjoy it while you can bud!

Little guy feeling way too comfortable in the United Club!

It was a nice trip home to see family – and Paul was able to fly into Minneapolis for a weekend to see his family at the cabin! I’m so glad that it worked out for both of us to sneak in a little family time to start off the New Year!  2017, you’re certainly going to be full of adventure!

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