Honolulu, Ohau and Pearl Harbor

It’s been a while since posting, but I thought I would continue the updates with old Hawaii photos since they simply have to be shared. After our amazing time in Maui, we took a quick flight to Ohau to visit some of the main attractions of the island. We rented a pick up truck and drove to our hotel which was close to the action on Waikiki Beach. We walked around the area and did some window shopping at a mall that was way out of our league.  It was a nice area, but definitely more of a city feel than the cute, low key areas of Maui.

Hanauma Nature Preserve

The first morning we woke up and went to Hanauma Nature Preserve, it’s a horseshoe bay that is full of coral for snorkeling. Supposedly one of the best snorkeling spots in the area.  We set up a tent and a spot for our little man to sleep. I read a book and Paul ventured out into the waters for some snorkeling. He had a wonderful time and even convinced me to try my hand at snorkeling for a bit. The Hawaiian waters were of course a gorgeous blue and so clear you could see all of the fish below. I unfortunately wasn’t able to see a sea turtle through all of our snorkeling, but I know Paul was able to see a few.  Our day at the beach was wonderful, the weather and breeze were absolutely perfect. The little guy was a champion and took a good nap in the shade.

With Joel at the Pearl Harbor monument, love this picture!

 We finished the day down at Duke’s at Waikiki Beach and by some miracle found ourselves a table after waiting awkwardly for a group to pay their check. It seems like a bit of a tourist place, but the appetizers were nice and you cannot beat having food on the beach.

The oil continuing to leak from the vessel, makes it feel like it was just yesterday…

Our last day on Ohau we packed up and went to visit all of the Pearl Harbor monuments. I was at to Pearl Harbor once before with my parents and Joel. It was one of the most intense places I had ever visited. I have one of my favorite pictures with Joel on the deck of the monument.  I am so grateful we had the opportunity to visit together. The second time I visited Pear Harbor was no different. The moment you drive up, you can feel and sense the gravity of Pearl Harbor and all the history that began and remains in this sacred place. I wish everyone had the opportunity to visit this historic monument and honor the heros who served here. There are truly no words for the respect and honor of this place. I want to say thank you again for all those who serve, and all those who support those who serve. Forever grateful.

Triple bunks, just like in Wadsworth at Michigan Tech!

After we toured Pearl Harbor, we went nearby to the USS Missouri. Paul absolutely loves touring old ships, and the USS Missouri was not a disappointment. It is fascinating to see how a whole island of people lived on the water. Close quarters and many more responsibilities to keep the place running. As we were finished with the tour, a random couple was kind enough to give us their extra tickets to a flight hanger, so we were able to take some time to walk around and tour all of the different aircrafts. In just one short day, we were able to get a lot of sight seeing done before our red eye back to the mainland.

So many planes, so fascinating!

Our time in Hawaii came to an end and we were packing up to get on the plane for an all night flight. Little D was a dream and the flight went really well. We had a row to ourselves to sprawl out and try to get some rest. I don’t think I got much more than 20 minutes, but that’s what mom’s do!

Hopefully we can find another opportunity to visit paradise!

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