In March – we moved!

March was wild – now you can start to see why I have been a little behind with my online presence. 🙂  On March 10th, we closed on our new home!! It was moving time!  Here are pictures of our VERY first home as a couple…  We certainly miss all the charm of our first home – it was absolutely perfect for us. After four years of working, Curty’s help and many small improvement projects, was a completely different home from when we bought it – we showered it with love – and it sure shows!

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One only realizes how much unnecessary stuff is in your house until you go to move it all.  Which has fueled my minimalism and simplicity goals even further. Thank goodness for SUV’s and Curty’s truck.  In just two short days we were able to move almost all the “stuff” out of our old house and in our new home.  I wanted the best possible chance at selling our old home, so we left some of our furniture their to stage the home.  I don’t watch a lot of HGTV (or any TV for that matter), but when Paul and I were looking at homes  – it was clear that a staged home looks amazing. Simple, clean, and soon to be yours… that was our goal.

Maplewood meats on the grill after a long day of moving!

Friday we cleaned the new place and continued to move the non essentials. Saturday was the big day. We moved all day long and then we swapped out real mattresses for air mattresses. Saturday March 10th, we spent our first night in the new home!  (Well, my mom, Dad and I did… Paul was working a in house night shift at the hospital.)

Getting ready to say good bye to our first home – I cannot believe it!

It was a whirlwind Marsh trip – my parents had to get home by Sunday night – so they had to leave almost immediately after moving us in. I was in pure awe of how much work we accomplished in such a short amount of time. Just like that – we moved!  Now it was on to staging our old place, touching up things and getting it ready for the market.

Luckily we had more visitors to help us with the task! John and Kathy joined us for a week in March. Although it was complicated by a virus (we we originally blamed on Cheesecake factory)… we got a fair amount of work done! We painted the exterior of the garage which added a major facelift. When we were ready to sell, the house and yard were stunning. That is of course when you second guess why you’re moving – when the house your selling looks awesome.  It was hard to say goodbye, but its more the memories than the dwelling – we will miss our first home and all its love and quirks!! Paul and I were married there, got a dog (ohh dale…), and welcomed home our first child. A lot of beautiful memories 🙂

Drew inspecting the new back yard!

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