Lady’s Brunch

Brunch Baby
Lady’s brunch selfie…

Compliments of Annie, some ladies gathered together to celebrate being ladies.  We all brought random items of food. Ellen had some delish grits, Nancy brought some spicy sausage, I brought cheese curds (of course) and Anna and June brought some yummy brownies and coffee.  It was adorable to see June at her first ladies brunch, all dressed in pearls and tutu pants. Too cute. Too presh.

We ate and chatted, and caught up on life.  It was like we were in some sort of real life movie.  Med students, grad students and working mommas have time for brunch?!?  The answer is clearly YES.

Before the feast begins!

The company and food was amazing. I left my phone in my coat pocket on purpose and got to catch up with these wonderful ladies, while shoveling my face full of apple crispy and vanilla yogurt. Life is good.

Later that night, Paul came home from work and we spent some time together before going to bed early in preparation for daylight savings. It was a simple weekend, but a very nice one indeed.

Baby girl
Mamma and Babe.

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