Life by Amazon

So, if you know Paul and I, you surely know how much we shop and spend on amazon. The only thing we really buy in stores anymore is groceries, and that’s mostly because Amazon Grocery doesn’t come to our house yet. Perhaps in the next few years, we’ll be a full fledged amazon house. Each recycle day, we win the competition for the most cardboard boxes due to our ample supply of amazon shipments. We are starting to learn all the tricks too… Subscribe and Save, Amazon Family (originally Amazon Mom), Baby Registries and the completion discount associated with them – there are so many excellent programs.  Our poor neighbors are always so kind and put our continuous stream of Amazon boxes in our living room for us while we’re away, so we don’t end up buying goodies for those who steal off of front porches. Anyway…

As of late, I’ve been getting into a natural products, and shop local or handmade kick, and I ran across two new Amazon storefront that I wasn’t familiar with, so I thought I would share these gems with you here. It seems to me like a new Etsy or something of that nature. Take a look, tell me what you think!!  I saw a few products that I adored in the Baby Handmade store front, and tis the season to have babies,  so I may do a little nontraditional gift buying!  Bring on the natural, handmade goodies! But maybe before you shop Amazon, you’ll want to check out the adorable storefronts in your neighborhood.


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