Meet Dale

Lakeland Terrier
Dale, the Lakeland Terrier

I wanted you to meet my pooch and right hand man, Dale. I cannot believe I’m writing a post about my dog. First, I have a dog?! I suggested to my now husband while we were engaged that I would do something drastic in protest of him giving me a needy, shedding, large beast as a gift. He has always wanted one – and recently he converted me to first time dog owner.

I started studying hardcore during my second year of medical school and felt as though I needed a companion around the time of USLME Step 1 boards. We searched for a puppy and started brainstorming on a breed we could agree on. I had a list of qualities I desired in a pooch:

  • Always ready for a run, walk, exercise or adventure. No lazy breed would do.
  • Portable. I sincerely wanted to be able to bring my dog on a plane so I could continue my frequent travel back to Wisconsin.
  • Non-shedding, hypoallergenic. I cannot stand shedding hair, and it’s so much work to keep under control! No one likes sneezing.
  • Adorable.
  • Not a yappy pooch.
  • Tough enough to brave the Wisconsin winters.
  • Not too tiny. My tall husband still had to look like a man walking the dog.

After all of the research, we took a gamble on a Lakeland Terrier. We waited for the perfect moment to find a puppy that we could afford and call our own.  The whole experience really inspired us purchasing our first home.  Once the house was purchased – it didn’t take long before I found the perfect pooch named Pumpkin.  We quickly bought the little lad and he met us in Pittsburgh. It was a gamble to say the least, but we were excited to welcome the new furry friend.

We’ve had him for over a year now, and he quickly became a part of the family.  I like to think he takes after me – he’s stubborn, wild, a bit of an air head, and cannot stand brushing his hair. Dale also likes candy, so we have that in common.  I will admit that all of the websites and bloggers were right when describing how stubborn terriers are.  Dale sure knows how to get his way, and even with a  good scolding, he still knows it was totally worth it – to have those brief moments on the couch all by himself!  Paul and I like to say that he’s met his match in me. I am as stubborn as they come, so Dale and I go head to head, and I am proud to say that I usually win.

I hope this introduction to our pooch was enjoyable, because I’m hoping to start a small inspirational series involving Dale.  Dale is carefree and leads a simple little life.  Therefore, I hope to share some of the knowledge that we’ve learned from our stubborn dog over the course of this blog!

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