Memorial Day Weekend

As I like to mention frequently on this blog, Paul and I welcome visitors to our home as often as we can, and we love to be surrounded by family. Memorial Day weekend was no different. Paul’s parents and grandparents were making the long drive to join us over the holiday weekend!  We were so excited for their arrival.

The weekend before, Paul and my dad built the bed from Ikea that we now have in our spare room. That was quite an undertaking, as always with Ikea furniture, but it was ready for our guests! Jack, Kathy and John were kind enough to bunk in the basement on a trio of slowly deflating air mattresses. Despite the many bodies in our house, I wouldn’t have it any other way, I love that we are all able to stay at our place.

That weekend we went out for dinner, went shopping, and ate many meals in the house together, which was wonderful.  We watched a few movies, and I was able to catch up on sleep while they watched movies that were too intense for my liking.  I am still holding out for Tootsie, like I was promised, haha!

That weekend I was also fortunate enough to babysit our friends little boy, which was seriously amazing. He is only a few months younger than Drew, but so, so precious. He was an absolute champion, and did not fuss once. This is no exaggeration. We put a packer cheesehead on him to remind his father (a Viking fan) of the superior team. It was an absolute blast. We turned our tiny nursery into a baby sleepover party, with less than a foot of space between Drew’s crib and the pack and play. It was so precious, my hear filled with love seeing those boys snuggling in so peaceful and innocent. Ahhh, I LOVE it. His parents caught up with us the next day. I was so honored to have the chance to spend the night with their precious child – made me want a million of my own.

To continue the mom-restoration phase that I am embarking on, I was even able to attend a yoga class, which was absolutely phenomenal. Attending yoga sporadically on the evenings and weekend is something I am very much looking forward to once Paul returns!

That same weekend, Paul and I convinced John to stay an extra night so he could join me as I went to the neighbors for a BBQ. Our neighbors are the sweetest – we met them randomly on a stroll in the park, and they invited us over give our mutual fondness for Big TEN sports (I should say, Paul’s fondness, I’m terrible with sports). They have been kind and an endless source of entertainment since. He is a palliative care doctor, and loves to talk craft beverages, so naturally, he and Paul are the same person. Anyway, I convinced John to join us, and it was so much fun. They had so much food on the BBQ, and then brought out many flavors of homemade ice cream to try. The ice cream was so rich and delicious. I cannot wait to get an ice cream maker for myself!

We are so very blessed to be surrounded by family that goes with the flow and joins us for the long weekend in our small home. I love how cozy it gets.

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