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You know how many online contests that I have signed up for over the years? A lot. You know how many that I’ve actually won?? ONE! Yes, I won Molly’s 1K Giveaway, and was completely stunned that it happened! It was perfect timing too, because I had just found out that I was expecting a small bundle of joy!  The one complicating factor is that Molly’s photography business is located in California, and I am located in Pittsburgh.  Luckily, we both have strong family roots in small town Wisconsin and were back in the area for the holidays.

Alyce7 Alyce9

I chatted with my parents, and since Paul wasn’t going to be able to make it back to Wisconsin for the photo shoot, we thought it would be a fun idea to take a few pictures of our the home that we moved into when I was a freshman in high school.  Joel and Dad, and the whole extended family, has spent a lot of work this bare lot into our house and home. I can clearly remember “tarring” the basement with Joel.  We game back full of tar, especially after a dispute where Joel was tarring over my head and drenching me with the stuff.  As a result, we both had to take our evening bath in gasoline before showering.  Tar is definitely not easy to remove from skin… I’m pretty sure we just burned the clothes after the job was done.

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Joel and dad worked tirelessly on the house to get it ready for us to move into.  We had to move in a bit prematurely after selling our old house and Uncle Carl shared the adventure with us.  It was such a fun time, looking back on it now. Our house has plenty of beautiful memories and it’s also starting to get a bit big and difficult to keep up with. My parents may be moving at some point, but regardless, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to capture memories of our home. This is where Molly came to the rescue!  

Mom, Dad, and some Joel sunshine!

She braved the Wisconsin cold and asked us to smile while making us laugh.  We had Dale running around the yard and like magic, she was able to capture so many wonderful pictures!  I have included a few of them here in this blog post!  We now have cherished family photos!  There were also a few with a ray of sunshine, that entered the photograph – and I am certain that was a gift to us from Joel Ray, who had to do just a little something to remind us he was with us!

I am so thankful that Molly was able to capture the 20+ week baby bump, our little dog Dale, and some excellent pictures with my parents.  We are so grateful for her talents!

I would encourage you to visit her website: Molly+Co

PS. Molly travels!

Rays of Joel sunshine was with me and the new babe.

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