Momma in Pittsburgh for Halloween!

Curty was out adventuring in Montana with friends, so my mumsy and I had the chance to make it a girls weekend out in Pittsburgh. I was so excited to have some time with my mom since I had been going through a bit of a hard time. She has a contagious laugh and hilarious way about her – I was greatly looking forward to having more of that laughter in my life!

Out for a family walk in Frick Park! Dale was enjoying his promotion a little too much…

So after swimming lessons, Drew and I made the trip out to the airport to pick up our guest! We came back to the house and rested a bit.  Our goal for the trip was for both of us to take time and relax for a few days. We started the weekend adventuring to Shadyside to do a little shopping and get mum a new computer for work. She has been working off a super heavy laptop for ages, so it was about time to upgrade. We grabbed a bite to eat at Shady Grove and came home late in the afternoon.  I was describing a cool new little Tiki Restaurant to my mom, and when we came up to the stop light – Paul suggested we get out and go! So in a split decision, my mom and I bailed out of the car at a four way stop to head to the tiki lounge. Haha, it was hilarious and a kind offer from Paul to take on baby duty for the night! Mom and I laughed and shared stories at the tiki bar over our overly sweet Hawaiian drinks. We then took off for home on foot. It was a blast. We came home and I reminded Dale he was a “bad dog”… on repeat, which I thought was hilarious, but everyone else probably disagreed.

The Cleveland family reunites! John and his piglet!

The rest of the weekend was fairly tame, mom accompanied me to small claims court on Halloween which was a random experience. We also did a bit of shopping at the waterfront before bundling up Drew for Halloween trick or treating!  Luckily Kathy and John came in that day to join us for our big Halloween adventure. It was wonderful to have everyone staying for the weekend to get some time with the little guy. Thank goodness he still fit into his costume! His Grandpa found this gem of a costume – I absolutely love it!! Dale was dressed up as a “piglet” of course.  We took a stroll around the block and drew munched on some of his treats.

The rest of the weekend flew by as they always do when we have family around. We went out to eat at Rock Bottom Brewery and used our fair share of coupons and gift cards compliments of Paul’s obsessive deal habit. It was the perfect dinner and night out. Drew did so well sitting at the table with us – it’s fun to share our many adventures with him.

We are so fortunate to have family ready and willing to visit us out east – I wish we could get together every weekend. Looking forward to the adventures that await for us in the new year! Thanks for joining us for Halloween – it was a blast!

Eight legs and ready for Halloween!

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