New Year 2017!

Family packer game!

The brand new year was upon us. We didn’t have too much going on in the way of activities in January. I knew at the start of 2017 I was going to really have to start putting in additional time and effort in order to wrap up my remaining thesis projects.  However, we did make time for fun and visitors.

Paul had his annual Christmas party where we caught up with his coworkers and I was able to meet many of the lovely people he works with. Always a treat to go out for an adult night!

Paul and Dan at the Xmas party, accidentally twinning!

Shortly after we had the pleasure of family visiting! Kathy and Dooze were able to find time to drive out and visit with us! We of course went out to dinner after much deliberating over the perfect spot to try.

We also called up our relator who helped us find our perfect first home to see if she was available to talk about the possibility of moving. Paul, Katie, Taylor and I were all randomly on Zillow one evening looking at homes – and we found a home with brilliant curb appeal that was really close to us. Even though we weren’t truly in the market for a new home, we let curiosity get the best of us and we checked it out.  It was gorgeous, with a beautiful wrap around porch… but, it was not on the best street, overpriced, and didn’t have a garage. We let it slide, but did some comparison shopping and snooped around a few open houses.

I was pretty set that we could enjoy our very cozy home for the next few years while I finished medical school.  However, after a complete turn of events and a little convincing – we put an offer in on a house that we were merely looking at for comparison.  So, January wasn’t all that dull at all!


In February things continued to move on the house and Paul and I each had the opportunity to fly back to Wisconsin to visit with our parents. Drew took the little guy with him the first week so I could put in some focused time at work. The second week, I went home, snagged my little man and Paul returned for work. Drew had an extended holiday stay in Wisconsin, which I’m sure he loved!!

Hi goat! Visiting the animals at the New Zoo in Green Bay!

It was all fun and games in Wisconsin until I ended up in the Emergency Room three times due to an insanely painful bout of viral something or other. I thought I was having stomach problems or a stricture the pain was so intense.  Overall I have a substantial pain tolerance, so it sent everyone into a bit of a scare.  With time things started to figure themselves out and I made it back safe and sound to Pittsburgh.  Nothing like spending your time with family in the ER!

February night out at the play!

Early this new year we were fotunate to get a few days of snow! The winters are a bit more mild that I’m used to, so it is not often the snow sticks around long enough for us to enjoy it. On our snow day, we decided to play outside and try to go down the slow shallow hill on the inner tube!  Luckily we had Dale to pull us down the hill a few times, because otherwise we were moving pretty slow. Drew was a good sport about the whole adventure that was mainly for me…

All smiles in the snow – that’s my boy!

Hey Dale, what are you doing in my sled?

At the end of February, Paul and I were both back in Pittsburgh to celebrate Joel’s Birthday!  I always like to do a little something special on Joel’s day. Even though I sat in the doctors office for a bit, this year was extra wonderful and I could truly feel his presence and support when I most needed it.  Cheers Buck!

Happy Birthday Buck!

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