Our Kelty Journey Child Carrier

Hiking around the woods in Frick Park!

I’ve been in a outdoorsy mood lately, and as fall is sneaking up, I wanted to make sure that Drew and I were prepared to take on the lovely city park close to our house.  So, I went on a search for a framed hiking backpack. My little guy has always been a fan of baby carriers. We initially started with the Boba Baby Wrap, until he became way to large for it and started sagging down to my waist as we ran through the airport. Then we upgraded to the Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier which I still use today, and plan to use until he’s over the weight limit. Both carriers are amazing and keep them snuggled so close.  However, when you’re out in the warm woods, and sweating up a storm, it’s time to give the kid a little distance with a framed carrier.

Cue the lights for the Kelty Journey 2.0 Child Carrier. We have tried it out on a few long hikes through the woods and he loves it.  More importantly, so do I! The weight is nicely balanced so I don’t feel like I’m falling over forward or unsteady on my feet due to the extra weight on my back. There are plenty of pockets for a diaper changing station, water bladder, snacks, and more. Additionally, it has baby hooks, so I can tie a few small toys to where my kid sits and he can play if he gets restless. The carrier also has a harness, so I know he is secure and won’t run or jump out on me. It’s a bit heavy when he’s inside and I am trying to get it off, but after a few practice runs of putting it on and off in the woods or by a picnic table, it becomes much more manageable. The kick stand is an absolute savior for trying to put the backpack on alone.

A few more things: the waist band is adjustable, so it fits me nicely at a whopping 5 feet 2 inches tall, and my hubby also finds it comfortable at a whopping 6 ft 6inches tall. That feature was one of the main reasons we decided to splurge. Otherwise, buying two backpacks (one short and one tall), gets pricey in a hurry. The waistband also has a spot for your cell phone and a few other things you want immediately accessible. Finally, I have yet to try the sun canopy, but it folds up nicely and we can definitely use it in a pinch.

We were lucky enough to get an “Open Box” special on amazon, which basically means used or returned, so we got it for a fair price. Overall, it has been a great purchase, which I think will get a lot of use this fall as we take our dog on a few day hikes! Its nice to get off the mainstream stroller trails and do a little exploring!  I hope you are able to secure a few chances to take your family outside and do a little exploring. Some of my favorite childhood memories involve long days running around our fields or our woods. I only hope this generation can also cherish these memories!


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