Panama City Beach

Uncle Tom firing up the grill for fresh tuna steaks!

Well they say to schedule a baby-moon, and take one last adventure as a couple before the baby arrives to completely change your life.  I decided to take full advantage of this opportunity seeing as I was on leave of absence for the semester. Also, it was getting a little dreary being cooped up in snowy Pittsburgh, so I decided to meet my parents in the florida panhandle!  At this point I was a few days over 32 weeks pregnant and thought the beach would be the perfect place to show off this new mom-bod.

Watching them shuck the oysters, and hopefully a clam will open for some table salt!

I arrived a day or two before Paul, seeing as he couldn’t get off that much time to join us.  He flew in the following day – I couldn’t believe we actually had the chance to sneak off to someplace warm before the baby!  It was perfect, we walked on the beach, laid in the sun and did a little shopping.  We also had the chance to enjoy all of the excellent seafood that the area has to offer.  Of course we stopped at the popular Dusty’s Oyster Bar.

Enjoying grilled scallops and raw oysters at Dusty’s!


One evening we went over to visit with Uncle Tom and Judy for dinner. Paul’s favorite dish is Ahi Tuna – and Uncle Tom is an excellent cook.  We brought over some tuna steaks and enjoyed a dinner fit for a king.  We started with some steamed mussels before the tuna steaks.  The tuna was amazing and it paired perfectly with the fancy butter that I over-indulged in.  I’m usually a very healthy eater, but when I tasted that seasoned butter, I couldn’t resist smothering it all over my potatoes.

Another awesome family breakfast!

On the way home that night, I took the opportunity to show everyone how good I am with navigation and directions as I confidently pulled out of the driveway the wrong way.  I went about 2 miles down the road until my Dad finally asked where I was going – haha! They all thought I was taking them to Dairy Queen, little did they know that I just have a terrible sense of direction. We laughed so hard, I almost peed my dads truck.

Beautiful beaches of Panama City Beach.

It really was the perfect weekend getaway.  My big belly got a nice tan and Paul and I were able to spend a little quality time together without our long to-do list that awaits us at home. As always, good things must come to an end – Paul flew home Monday.  I was fortunate enough to stay another day or two with my family before we made the long road trip back to Wisconsin.  It was going to be a busy week ahead, so the rest and relaxation of the beach was exactly what the doctor ordered.


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