Paul’s Last Graduation

The two D’s at play!

I had been doing a lot of running back and forth to Cleveland after Memorial Day weekend and then came back to Pittsburgh to watch Taylor’s thesis defense – which was amazing! He did such and awesome job, and the room was packed! It was fun to meet Tay’s parents and hang with the Ryan family too. They had a nice gathering after the defense at the University Club where Drew had the opportunity to show off his neck tie, sweater vest and white onesie, haha, it was quite an outfit.

Shirt and tie, with Nike's!
Shirt and tie, with Nike’s!

After Taylor’s defense, I went home and packed up the car to head back to Cleveland for Paul’s graduation ceremony and dinner. We weren’t sure what to expect, but it was very nice. All the graduates sat up front, so I was fortunate to sit by another co-residents’ wife who I knew from Pittsburgh! Whew! It was a long ceremony, so I was fortunate I didn’t bring Drew who would have had to stay still and quiet for an hour or so – difficult with a one year old up past their bedtime. John was kind enough to babysit for us while we attended the graduation festivities.

Playing in the Cleveland park!

After the ceremony, we had snacks and food and mingled with other fellows and recent residency graduates. Everyone was going off to new and exciting places – either starting jobs or new training opportunities. It was a time of exciting change, so we all had a lot to chat about. I was so proud of Paul for making it this far. We arrived in Pittsburgh as new but serious boyfriend and girlfriend, and now I was watching my husband walk across the graduation stage for the last time.

I am so proud of him.

Paul has been fortunate to be a part of wonderful training programs, and enjoy opportunities to advance his education and research. We are so fortunate.

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