Where I contribute

Women in Medicine and Science Association (WSMA)

I have been an active part of WMSA leadership since my first year of medical school. The women and teams that I worked with to further the professional development of women and students at the University of Pittsburgh continue to shape my leadership style and goals. Our work was featured in a Newsletter from the Association of American Medical Colleges! We are very proud of how WSMA has grown and evolved over the years and I’m thrilled to share this organization with you.

Archives of Alyce Jane Living Simply

I decided not to migrate my old blog (hosted by google blogspot) to my new website, in order to ease the transition. However, if you would like to reference some of my older posts they are all preserved in my previous webpage. 

Mothers in Medicine

I have also contributed a few guest posts to another blog and website I find fascinating, called Mothers in Medicine. This blog has provided perspective on balance and life in medicine as a woman. I used to read the posts years before we had our first child. There are a lot of strong women out there. Let’s celebrate and support one another. 

Up North, At Peace

I started a blog to celebrate the life of my brother, and I contributed to it for a few years. Recently, I have been folding the Joel related blog posts into Alyce Jane, Living Simply. However, there are many beautiful memories preserved here that I would love to share with you.


Ongoing Research

  • Cost effectiveness analyses in the setting of inflammatory bowel disease.

We are interested in how patients access and use healthcare resources, especially in relation to dermatologic complications of their disease. We are actively modeling dermatology care utilization and examining utilization within our medical system. 

  • Inflammatory bowel disease health outcomes.

We are interested in learning from the electronic medical record and utilizing big-data approaches to understand what features in the patient record predict feature health outcome utilization, infection, disease flares and poor quality of life. One of the recent issues we have focused on includes infection in the setting of inflammatory bowel disease. Both community and hospital acquired infection pose severe health risks to patients, and they often become a recurrent problem. We are looking to characterize who is at the highest risk of developing infections, and trying to learn better ways that we can reduce the risk of recurrence. 

  • Dermatologic Care

I am also interested in characterizing how patients with chronic disease utilize dermatology care from ailments that result from their disease process. I am also interested how patients are seeking routing skin cancer screenings and care. Interestingly, many patients and providers see the benefits of screening for cancerous and precancerous lesions. However, screening is not recommended by the preventive task force, primarily due to lack of evidence to support screening. I am interested to learn more about how screening occurs in the general population, and how it can be implemented given the shortage of practicing dermatologists. 



I have had the wonderful opportunity work with mentors and teams of brilliant scientists, skillful clinicians, and overall wonderful people. Throughout my training, our work has been published in a variety of journals and presented at national meetings. For more details about our published work and research portfolio please reference the following resources. 

Alyce on Research Gate

I maintain a public profile which allows access to our portfolio of work and recent publications. 

Academic Curriculum Vitae

My CV covers a broad ranges of experiences that I have actively participated in as a undergraduate, medical and graduate student. I am so grateful for the training path that has brought me to my current position, and I look forward to chasing my academic ambitions for many more years. 

My Bibliography on NCBI

As a part of my NIH Biosketch, we maintain an active list of all published works. This is another way to view the primary literature to which I contributed. 


I would love to talk more about my ongoing projects and past research, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or get in touch!