Random Wisconsin Getaway

Running around the Chicago airport!

We were about to go over a month without seeing each other, so I made the snap decision to use miles and jump on the plane to get home for a long weekend over the fourth of July. It was a weekend truly dedicated to friends and family. The first evening, my parents and I made the rounds in Seymour and visited with Great Grandpa VB, and Grandma Marsh. Then we went out to eat at Jackson Point with Grandpa Jack. He got to see the little man take some of his first steps and waltz around the bar. Nothing like a little bar “crawl”… The Seymour tour was perfect. It was nice to catch up and say hello, even if our time at each place is just for a moment.

Four VB Generations
Four VB Generations

That weekend my lady friends and I also decided to try our hands at golf. Lets just say… huge mistake. First we started off playing every other hole, scramble style. We had carts, and we were still falling behind. We were that good. We tried one or two putts and then started to get more and more sporadic about whether we were actually hitting the ball or not. At one point we just started throwing it. Actual golfers would have been sorely disappointed. We also lost two clubs, because they flew out of the back basket of the golf cart. One flew out while we were looking for the other one… how annoying is that? haha. I’m sure their lawn mower found them the following week unfortunately. But, the night was finished with a delightful burger and cheese curds, so overall it was a win.

Dancing with GG Marsh!
Dancing with GG Marsh!
Getting too big for GG's lap!
Getting too big for GG’s lap!
Checking out the Golf Course with Gramps!

I was able to catch up with my mom and dad over the weekend as we decided to make the cabin rounds. First we went up to Joel’s cabin for a night and then up to Lake Eva. We put on many miles on in the car, but running and traveling is in my blood… and now Drew’s. The little man was a champion and an excellent traveler. He likes all of the activity and a good car nap. That’s my boy.

Sunset while we head up to Joel's cabin, natural beauty.
Sunset while we head up to Joel’s cabin, natural beauty.

While driving I was able to catch up on some academic reading and some writing, it’s always good to multitask while sitting in a truck full of family. The good life.

Enjoying the sand and sun in the UP.
Enjoying the sand and sun in the UP.
Grandpa's shadow and side kick!
Grandpa’s shadow and side kick!

Up North, the little guy was able to play in the sand and run around with his new feet. He snuggled with his grandparents and had such a nice time. It was a quick trip up north, but all trips to the cabin are worth the time investment. They are so refreshing, so simple, and so perfect. After we returned, I reunited with my right hand lady for dinner out at Sam and Louie’s because my dad’s gift card was burning a hole in his pocket. Drew even pulled his chair up to the trough to eat with the adults! We shared a lot of laughs and good times.

Thank you for the quick weekend back and for all who brightened my stay with their presence and their smiles. Our lives are so full thanks to our friends and family.

Hanging out with Aunt Lyssa!
Hanging out with Aunt Lyssa!
Early morning flights with mom, upgraded to first class! YAY!!

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