The whole family travels to Minnesota!

Early morning flight? No problem mom… it’s going into Vikings territory that scares me!

This was going to be one of our first FAMILY trips all together. Usually, I fly places alone or with Drew because Paul’s work schedule doesn’t allow quick weekend trips. He takes call and the time he would get out of work on Friday afternoon is completely unpredictable. But, with a job comes real vacation, and we were very excited to use one of Paul’s first weeks of vacation on this adventure back to his grandparents’ lake home.  It had been a solid five years since we were last at the lake, which is a bit absurd. Paul used to get up to the lake at least 2-3 times per year. We were so fortunate to schedule this trip together!

Two peas in a pod! Dale and Unca John!
Dale, the piglet, has his first swimming experience.
Swimming with papa!
Earning our stay at the cabin! Plenty for Bumps’ winter fires!

Oh, and did I mention, most importantly, DALE got the nod to come back with us to Minnesota, Yes, our little weasel of a dog was going to join us in economy seating, perfectly placed by our feet. We got on our early morning direct flight to Minneapolis. We could already tell that Dale’s anxiety medication and Benadryl were no match for that wild terrier energy. He spent the morning trying to escape from his airline carrier. He was becoming quite the Houdini. He escaped in the seating area, in the bathroom, and a few times had his whole head out of the carrier on the plane. After many treats, verbal threats, audible “shhhh”s, and peanut butter we landed in Minneapolis where Paul’s mom greeted us! After a quick drive, we were at Tiggy and Bumpa’s cabin!

Light vacation reading.
Family time before our date.
Just heaven. Morning sunrise.

The time went by so quickly, following the routine of our little man, chasing our dog who was frequently lost in the woods and preoccupied with squirrels. Paul and I had the opportunity to go out on a date together, thanks to our eager family babysitters.  We worked to polish and format Paul’s videos for an echo submission, and I finalized my dissertation proposal. It was a busy and beautiful time with family!

The cake after my many last minute phone call attempts of ordering!!
Look at those wonderful ladies, and the crowd! Shower success!
So excited to prepare for the big day!
So excited to prepare for the big day!

My parents were even able to join us for an evening! We took the boat out for a spin or two, swam in the fresh water and really enjoyed each others company! My parents, Drew and I then made the trek East back to Green Bay to finish my time home, while Paul and the little rascal Dale flew back to Pittsburgh directly from Minnesota. I was joining up with a crew of ladies to throw Lyssa’s wedding shower! I was so thrilled to get to see everyone gathered in one place to celebrate my man lady’s coming marriage. In pure Lyssa style, it was relaxed, enjoyable, and she looked gorgeous!  My little guy came to help us clean up the festivities, and again refused to eat cake… I will never understand his dietary preferences.

Team gift opening with mom supervising!
Look at that cake! So much cake in one day!

That evening I was also able to sneak in a birthday party at Dan and Katie’s! I love that I get to catch up with them regularly even though we lives states away – it was so much fun to see Harper open her gifts while catching up with the crew. Ah, so blessed to have crossed paths with all of Joel’s wonderful friends who continue to be such a meaningful part of our lives and our family.

Airplane entertainment, removing, replacing, and rearranging all of the reading materials.

The next day, we were back on the plane running through the Chicago airport and met my hubby back at the homestead.  It was such a nice trip back, and a wonderful time with my husband. A whirlwind of fun and memories!

Too tired to make it through the airport, boo man out…

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