Under ONE Roof

My husband is home, for good.

This is it, my husband has returned. I feel like I have grown so much this year. I became a mom two short months before my son’s father had to move for training. I tried my best not to think or to dwell, but to just do. To finish one task at a time, go to work each day, and shower my baby with love.


This year I breastfed my infant, I pumped day and night. I was a human cow. I woke up every two hours to feed and comfort him. I changed diapers. I dealt with 10+ months of reflux and milk vomit. I did daycare drop offs. I went to school. I did daycare pick-ups. I rocked my baby while doing homework. I fed my baby while watching lectures. I studied, I prepared for class. I did research. I entered data, and wrote papers. I presented my research at conferences. I mowed the lawn. I took out the trash. I shoveled the sidewalks. I cleaned my house. I washed bottles and pumping parts, … oh did I wash my Medela pumping parts. So many bottles. I did doctors visits and vaccines in a different city. I went to the ER after days of high fevers. I baby carried. I wore him everywhere. My baby and I were inseparable.

I traveled. I traveled to Wisconsin to visit family by plane and by car. I traveled to Florida. I drove to Cleveland to visit my husband, when he was on call. I packed the car. I unpacked the car. I hauled toys up the stairs. I put toys away. I did it all over again the next day. Until…

Traveling mom.
Traveling mom.

I did it. I made it. I raised a squishy baby into a healthy and laid back toddler. I finished all my course work, keeping up my grades, and publishing my first paper.

After this year, I feel prepared to handle the hills and valleys that life, family, and medical training will send my way. I am a mom. I am a researcher. I am a future physician. I am a wife. …and… I kind of feel like a badass. This year has made me strong and confident. It was not easy, but, here I am standing, smiling, and so excited to begin the next chapters of our lives as a family: under one roof.

Welcome home hubby – we love you so much and are unbelievably proud of you.

Now, this badass momma needs a nap.


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