Up to Greet the Sun

As a medical student, I would get up early with Paul and we would ride to Oakland (the hospitals) together. I was up way before I needed to be and was routinely sitting in a study room at 5:30-6:00AM, at anesthesia hours.  First, I liked being able to ride in the car to work, rather than wait for a bus which aded 30 minutes to my commute. Second, I liked the extra time with the tall man.

Today, I woke up with Paul and we had coffee, he packed his lunch, and I made a smoothly. Drew slept quietly upstairs. I read that early morning hours are another way to sneak in some personal time with your parter, before the kids wake up, and before the world wakes up. I completely agree, and hope to make this a routine. One way to strive for simplicity in life, is to give yourself an hour in the morning to enjoy your tea or coffee.

There is nothing I love more than a cup of coffee, with family, outside in the early morning… and the best spot is at the cabin. This is one of the many reasons that Fall is my favorite season. Cabin time, crisp leaves, and early morning coffee.

The other reason fall is so spectacular, up to Greet the Sun means 7AM, and not this 5:00 business.

Enjoy the coffee, hug the littles, and call your mom and dad to say I love you.

Cabin Love.
Cabin Love.

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