Visitors before thesis writing month!

Both wearing mom’s rain coats! Pretty soon he’ll be too big for my clothes!

We had visitors lined up to visit over the Memorial Day weekend! We were excited to host Paul’s parents, grandparents and his youngest brother at the new home! We couldn’t wait to try out all of the extra room we had now compared to our charming first home.

They drove out from Wisconsin to visit over the long weekend. We had dinners around the new kitchen table and they helped me put my home in order. Kathy and Tiggy are natural decorators so we spent a lot of time organizing and placing all of the decorations on the walls!  Decorating gives me anxiety, so their help was greatly appreciated! Now our house finally has some charm and color – it really looks nice! Paul absolutely loves the formal living room which has come together complements of the picture and mirror hanging skills of Tiggy, Bumpa and Kathy!

We also spent a lot of time outside putting together the yard and landscaping! Tiggy and Dooze were kind enough to weed the bushes in the front and we all made an effort to plant the front yard full of annuals and perennials! Our new neighbors have such gorgeous plants and landscaping, so I am so grateful to a have their help in adding a little color to our front yard.

Family photos at the park!

During their stay we went to the Porch for brunch and drove around the neighborhoods. While at the porch Paul took the little man onto the Carousel in Schenley park. We took some family photos and then all piled back in the car to head for home. It was so enjoyable to have the house full of laughter, company, and wild happy hour conversations. Unfortunately, they had to leave early morning on Memorial Day – but we sure appreciated the time we had while they were here!

After our visitors left, the month of June was upon us. June was primarily dedicated to writing and reviewing work for my thesis. I was hoping to have all my papers in submission by my thesis defense date, so it was going to take a bit of work and grind to pull everything together.  I of course had to balance the work with a few days of play and time with my family. We went to a adorable farm in the south hills to see the horses and goats. Goats are the little guy’s favorite animal, so he had a good time with that. We took a dip in the pool and had a great day.  June also consisted of family dinners and many trips for frozen yogurt to celebrate the new warm weather. We also celebrated my birthday with our first trip to Casbah, which was excellent. I love this time of year. Hopefully everyone else is enjoying their summers!

“Hi goat!”

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