Week 34 and 35

Well folks, we are coming up to the moment we have all been waiting for, in just three short weeks the little baby will be considered full term. Really, the little guy could come any minute now, and I’m very anxious to meet him, so it wouldn’t be too terrible if he decided to come a little early. However, I do not anticipate such luck, being a first time mom, I am almost gaurenteed to go late.

Week 34

Since the last time I shared a belly photo with everyone I have made some decent progress on organizing the nursery and unpacking many of the wonderful gifts we recieved! It is looking real cozy and better than I ever could have imagined!  Thank you to everyone who has helped turn our little house into a home. I am looking forward to sharing nursery photos with you soon!

We have also installed the car seat and I hope to clean the cars inside and out this weekend, they are very much over due for a spring cleaning, and I would hate to pay for car detailing, so it’s time to get my hands dirty and take to the streets for a home car wash! I hope the weather cooperates and fools me to believing it is really Spring!

Week 35, here we go!

In other pregnancy news, my feet and legs have started to swell – it pretty much happened overnight and it’s not the most beautiful thing I have seen.  I have been so fortunate up until this point to be able to wear whatever shoes I want, so lets hope with some good elevation and socks I can get these little piggies back down to size. 

Thank you for joining me on this exciting adventure!

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